Dr John Irvine

Child & Family Psychologist B.A. PhD, M.A.C.E., M.A.P.S.

Dr John Irvine is one of Australia’s most heard, seen and read child psychologist. He had his own one teacher school at the age of 18, taught in NSW schools for many years before becoming a child psychologist and was awarded the Shell Prize for Arts and the University medal during his studies at the University of New England. Dr John initiated preschool training in Toowoomba at the University of Southern Queensland where he also set up the state’s first and most comprehensive family day care and family support scheme and has a community house dedicated to his name for services rendered to families in the region.

Dr John is a consultant child psychologist at the READ clinic, which he and his brother Warwick initiated in Gosford. He worked as a consultant psychologist for Central Coast Grammar School for the last 21 years, only retiring from there in 2009. Dr John has written several books, including “Who’d be a Parent”, “A Handbook for Happy Families” and “Thriving at School”.

In 2007 he produced four DVD’s to compliment his  “Handbook for Happy Families”  (0-5yrs, 6-11 yrs, 12-16+ yrs and his famous and unique child management method called Reparations). He is a regular on many current affairs and news TV spots and has appeared weekly on Channel 10’s program “9am with David and Kim. Dr John also writes for several newspapers and has a radio segment “Coping With Kids” airing on many radio stations throughout Australia. He is a much sought after speaker around the nation and is proud to be patron of Family Day Care, Home Start, NAPCAN, Kidsafe and ambassador for Playgroups.

In 2008, Dr John released a substantial rewrite of his “Thriving At School” book, which was co-written and revised with John Stewart.  Dr John hopes it will be the most practical and school friendly book for parents ever written.

Dr John Irvine was called upon for his expertise when the “Drinkwise” initiative was launched in 2008.  Drinkwise is a 10yr campaign aimed at parents regarding the important role of parental education in regard to the under-age drinking issue. Dr John helped to formulate some of the strategies used in this initiative for getting the appropriate message across to both parents and children.

Dr John is often called upon by the media for his expertise in child behaviour and can be seen on the 7pm Project as a guest speaker when something topical arises.

Dr John still spends a large part of his time doing face-to-face consultations at The READ Clinic or alternatively travelling to all parts of Australia delivering his much loved talks about kids and their behaviour.

Dr John is available as a guest speaker for both professional conferences and smaller functions. Please email Jody Underwood on media@thereadclinic.com or alternatively call 0243 246633 if you would like to enquire about his availability.